About Us...

A Service Company for the people..

We have been online for many years and made some decent money.
But we have found that selling, packing and shipping items can be a lot of work. Not to mention the fact that items can be lost in shipment. Even though it may not be our fault that the shipment was lost--we in the end face the consequences. This is a part of the business folks, and we adjust to these issues and keep moving on. The Internet is a great place to make a nice income. However it does not come with out some hardy work! Please continue to read the next chapter and learn a better way to earn "Internet Money."

A Better way...

How about a business on the Internet where you don't have to collect the money, package the product, ship the product and hope it gets delivered without damage.
We discovered a way!
We have found that joining "Affiliate Web Sites" can produce an enormous sum of Money.
It is also a way to have your own online business!
We have Affiliates that are free to join and can supply you a decent income.
We also have Affiliates that charge a fee to join. These Affiliates will make you more money, because they spend more money advertising and their sites are more professional!
But whatever you choose to pursue, remember you can make a very good income by joining some of our Affiliates.

Our future Goals...

We plan on getting into eBay Auctions as soon as we find a way to buy items at the lowest possible cost. We are checking with manufactures to see if we can buy Direct! There is no use offering items for sale or auction--if we have the same price as other merchants. We will keep you informed!

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